Behind the tech
The team
CDN renamed to Storage Platform
This is only a visual change all URL's will still be valid and work. We have decided to clean up the panel and how we manage stuff with the new API features on the way
We now have merch on Redbubble! We have a deal also, get a sticker and let us know and we will give you credit based on the cost of the sticker you chose!
Bandwidth change
We have noticed that almost all sites are micro instance sites and that not a single site ever gets even close to half of the bandwidth we set per site, because of this we lowered the bandwidth max.
New locations for PHP7 sites now available
Wahooo!!! New PHP7 locations are now live, so say hello to N8 and N9!
A quick thanks to everyone
We are working on a lot of awesome stuff at this time, but we are unable show anything just yet. So for today we just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has pushed NodeHost to become better every single day.
Hello World
Hey look, a new blog. I bet you did not see this coming. Welcome to the new custom NodeHost blog that will host all news related media. We will use the community for our articles and other related content.