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The team
Website and services back online after DDoS attack
As you may be aware we have been fighting for around 10 hours after a DDoS attack (denial of service, lots of web requests overloading the main site).
Major billing system bug on our end fixed
We just found out our system that we made to auto handle site management failed thanks to a update of a dependency, and would not actually register taking account credit.
CDN renamed to Storage Platform
This is only a visual change all URL's will still be valid and work. We have decided to clean up the panel and how we manage stuff with the new API features on the way
We now have merch on Redbubble! We have a deal also, get a sticker and let us know and we will give you credit based on the cost of the sticker you chose!
New locations for PHP7 sites now available
Wahooo!!! New PHP7 locations are now live, so say hello to N8 and N9!