Bandwidth change


We have noticed that almost all sites are micro instance sites and that not a single site ever gets even close to half of the bandwidth we set per site, because of this we lowered the bandwidth max. This is NOT about raising costs or anything but allows us say we delegated 30TB instead of 3,000 TB of bandwidth for all customers added up when it's not the case.

This is done as a visual change so that you can see the true usage of your sites, if you ever need to use more bandwidth we will not punish you or anything. If you use more storage then we list now contact us and we can add a user level discount so you never pay more then you did in the past.

This is all about making everything more honest. We set it so NO user is going over the usage at this time for any large sites.

We could have pushed this without any notice, but we want to be as open as we can. If you have any questions just post on the community and we will be happy to answer them.