Hello World


Hey look, a new blog. I bet you did not see this coming. Welcome to the new custom NodeHost blog that will host all news related media. We will use the community for our articles and other related content.

But why?

We changed our internal development systems, but we are also moving a lot of content including our main and blog sites to run on the same servers that all other sites run on. The new main site, blog, community, and more will run on the same severs as everyone else who uses NodeHost can use. This makes things more fair and transparent.

What sever is this on?

We are running this on N7, and our community is on N5.

What will appear on this new blog?

What we as a team are building, new stuff we are working on, and more BTS. You will also see major announcements and more made on this new site and because of the way this is setup we can update things more often.