New locations for PHP7 sites now available


Wahooo!!! New PHP7 locations are now live, so say hello to N8 and N9! This brings a new location Frankfurt in Germany. We still have a lot to do but adding more comparable servers so we can stop supporting PHP5 node locations soon. We will keep PHP5 locations up until all sites naturally move over even if it takes years but the ability to stop new sites from running on older locations is great.

Why 2 more now?

We actually did this based on feedback from users saying we don't have enough PHP7 locations, so we added N9 to the list based on the feedback we got. We expand the service based on requirements, not usage. We can keep going with out adding the locations but it's the correct thing to do for people who want to use PHP7 with all the projects they build.

If you have any questions feel free to post on our community.